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Bayesian Analysis Reference Manual

Publisher:  Stata Press
Copyright:  2019
ISBN-13:  978-1-59718-272-0
Pages:  629
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Table of contents

Intro Introduction to Bayesian analysis
Bayesian commands Introduction to commands for Bayesian analysis
Bayesian estimation Bayesian estimation commands

bayes Bayesian regression models using the bayes prefix
bayesmh Bayesian models using Metropolis–Hastings algorithm
bayesmh evaluators User-defined evaluators with bayesmh

Bayesian postestimation Postestimation tools for bayesmh and the bayes prefix

bayesgraph Graphical summaries and convergence diagnostics

bayesstats Bayesian statistics after Bayesian estimation
bayesstats ess Effective sample sizes and related statistics
bayesstats grubin Gelman–Rubin convergence diagnostics
bayesstats ic Bayesian information criteria and Bayes factors
bayesstats ppvalues Bayesian predictive p-values and other predictive summaries
bayesstats summary Bayesian summary statistics

bayestest Bayesian hypothesis testing
bayestest interval Interval hypothesis testing
bayestest model Hypothesis testing using model posterior probabilities

bayespredict Bayesian predictions

set clevel Set default credible level

bayes: betareg Bayesian beta regression
bayes: binreg Bayesian generalized linear models: Extensions to the binomial family
bayes: biprobit Bayesian bivariate probit regression

bayes: clogit Bayesian conditional logistic regression
bayes: cloglog Bayesian complementary log-log regression

bayes: fracreg Bayesian fractional response regression

bayes: glm Bayesian generalized linear models
bayes: gnbreg Bayesian generalized negative binomial regression

bayes: heckman Bayesian Heckman selection model
bayes: heckoprobit Bayesian ordered probit model with sample selection
bayes: heckprobit Bayesian probit model with sample selection
bayes: hetoprobit Bayesian heteroskedastic ordered probit regression
bayes: hetprobit Bayesian heteroskedastic probit regression
bayes: hetregress Bayesian heteroskedastic linear regression

bayes: intreg Bayesian interval regression

bayes: logistic Bayesian logistic regression, reporting odds ratios
bayes: logit Bayesian logistic regression, reporting coefficients

bayes: mecloglog Bayesian multilevel complementary log-log regression
bayes: meglm Bayesian multilevel generalized linear model
bayes: meintreg Bayesian multilevel interval regression
bayes: melogit Bayesian multilevel logistic regression
bayes: menbreg Bayesian multilevel negative binomial regression
bayes: meologit Bayesian multilevel ordered logistic regression
bayes: meoprobit Bayesian multilevel ordered probit regression
bayes: mepoisson Bayesian multilevel Poisson regression
bayes: meprobit Bayesian multilevel probit regression
bayes: mestreg Bayesian multilevel parametric survival models
bayes: metobit Bayesian multilevel tobit regression
bayes: mixed Bayesian multilevel linear regression
bayes: mlogit Bayesian multinomial logistic regression
bayes: mprobit Bayesian multinomial probit regression
bayes: mvreg Bayesian multivariate regression

bayes: nbreg Bayesian negative binomial regression

bayes: ologit Bayesian ordered logistic regression
bayes: oprobit Bayesian ordered probit regression

bayes: poisson Bayesian Poisson regression
bayes: probit Bayesian probit regression

bayes: regress Bayesian linear regression

bayes: streg Bayesian parametric survival models

bayes: tnbreg Bayesian truncated negative binomial regression
bayes: tobit Bayesian tobit regression
bayes: tpoisson Bayesian truncated Poisson regression
bayes: truncreg Bayesian truncated regression

bayes: zinb Bayesian zero-inflated negative binomial regression
bayes: zioprobit Bayesian zero-inflated ordered probit regression
bayes: zip Bayesian zero-inflated Poisson regression


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