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Análisis Bayesiano en Stata

Te invitamos a que te unas a Gustavo Sánchez, Director del Departamento de Servicios Técnicos de StataCorp, quien presentará los principales aspectos relacionados con el análisis de regresión Bayesiano en Stata.
Presentador: Gustavo Sánchez, Director del Departamento de Servicios Técnicos
28 febrero 2018

Spatial autoregressive models using Stata

Join Di Liu, Senior Econometrician, for an introduction to Stata 15's new features for analyzing spatial data. Find out how you can use the new Sp suite of commands to fit spatial autoregressive models that account for spatial relationships in your data.
Presenter: Di Liu, Senior Econometrician
March 7, 2018

Latent class analysis using Stata

Join Chuck Huber, Senior Statistician, as he demonstrates how to use Stata's new features for latent class analysis (LCA). Identify and understand the unobserved groupings in your data, discover what differentiates those groups, and determine who is likely to belong to each group.
Presenter: Chuck Huber, Senior Statistician
March 27, 2018

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