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Ready. Set. Go Stata.

New to Stata? Ready to analyze your data but not sure where to start? Let us help. Find out how to get data into Stata, how to manipulate and clean data, how to create customized graphs, and how to fit a model and plot the results. Then we will show you resources for learning even more.

En sus marcas, listos... arranquemos con Stata.

¿Todavía no has usado Stata? ¿Estás listo para analizar tus datos pero no sabes dónde comenzar? Permítenos ayudarte. Descubre cómo introducir tus datos en Stata, cómo manipular y limpiar los datos, cómo crear gráficos personalizados y cómo ajustar un modelo y graficar los resultados. También te mostraremos recursos para aprender mucho más acerca del software.


你是Stata新手吗?想要分析你的数据但是苦于无从下手?让我们来帮助你。你将会学习到如何将数据导入Stata、如何转换数据,清理数据、如何 生成想要的图片、如何拟合模型以及画出结果。我们还会带你找到更多Stata的学习资料。

Tips and Tricks

Discover some of Stata's hidden (and not so hidden) gems. In our Tips and tricks webinar, we share a few of our developers' favorite features of Stata with you.

Lasso and related estimators for prediction

We are faced with more and more data, often with many poorly described or poorly understood variables. Lasso and elastic net are two popular machine-learning methods designed to sift through these types of data and extract features that have the ability to predict outcomes. Find out how Stata 16's new lasso and elasticnet commands make this possible.

Inference after lasso model selection

Want to fit a model and perform inference for a few variables? Have many other variables but aren't sure which ones to include as controls? With Stata 16, you can get reliable inference after lasso model selection. Find out how.

Nonlinear dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models

Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models are used in macroeconomics for policy analysis and forecasting. We'll show you how to easily fit, solve, and analyze nonlinear DSGEs using Stata 16's new dsgenl command.

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