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Privacy policy

  • We share customer information with our local distributors in countries where we have a distributor, and we require our distributors to comply with our privacy policy. In the United States and Canada, we do not use distributors; we sell directly.
  • We do not sell or give customer information to any third party (except our distributors). We enter the information that you give us into a customer database system (written in Stata, of course) that only StataCorp employees can access.
  • Sometimes, a customer asks to be told of other Stata users at the same institution. We do not give this information about you without your permission, and we seek permission for each request.
  • When you order from us, we send one email to confirm receipt of the order, another email to confirm that we processed the order, and a third email with tracking information and to confirm shipping (if materials are being shipped). We do not send unsolicited email to our customers.
  • Purchase information is transferred to StataCorp using a secure connection.





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