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In January 1985, Stata 1.0 was released. In April 2023, Stata 18 was released. For over thirty-five years, StataCorp has been a leader in statistical software, dedicated to providing the tools professional researchers need to analyze their data.

At StataCorp, we do not just program statistical methods; we validate them. Every copy of Stata that we ship has passed a certification suite that includes 4.1 million lines of testing code that produces 5.8 million lines of output. Every number and piece of text from those 5.8 million lines of output is certified.

We do not stop there. We provide Stata customers with extensive documentation that explains the many data management, statistics, graphics, programming, and reporting features that makes Stata, Stata.

In addition to the more than 18,000 pages of documentation that accompany every copy of Stata, our publishing arm, Stata Press, publishes books about Stata and statistics and a peer-reviewed quarterly journal.

Finally, we are committed to providing first-class technical support.

To learn more about Stata, see Thirty Years with Stata: A Retrospective.

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