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Environmental Econometrics Using Stata
Christopher F. Baum and Stan Hurn

Financial Econometrics Using Stata
Simona Boffelli and Giovanni Urga

An Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata, Revised Third Edition
Mario Cleves, William W. Gould, and Yulia V. Marchenko

Speaking Stata Graphics
Nicholas J. Cox

Health Econometrics Using Stata
Partha Deb, Edward C. Norton, Willard G. Manning

Generalized Linear Models and Extensions, Fourth Edition
James W. Hardin and Joseph M. Hilbe

Data Analysis Using Stata, Third Edition
Ulrich Kohler and Frauke Kreuter

Stata for the Behavioral Sciences
Michael N. Mitchell

Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Stata, Fifth Edition
Jeffrey Pitblado, Brian Poi, and William Gould

A Course in Item Response Theory and Modeling with Stata
Tenko Raykov and George A. Marcoulides

Survey Weights: A Step-by-Step Guide to Calculation
Richard Valliant and Jill A. Dever

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