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Change registration

If your company has had staff changes and you would like your Stata registration information updated, please indicate the changes on this form:

Stata serial number *
To find your Stata serial number, type about in Stata.
Company/Organization/University *
Department/Field of study *
Old registered user name *
New registered user name *
New registered user information
Postal mailing address
Address line 1 *
Street address, etc.
Address line 2
Apartment, suite, building, floor, etc.
City/Town *
State/Province/Region *
Postal code or ZIP
Country *
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Email address *
Phone number
Yes, I would like to receive emails regarding the following:

We appreciate that our users do not want to be inundated with email. Those who sign up to receive emails can anticipate receiving no more than a couple in a month. For example, someone who signs up to be informed of Stata Conferences may receive four emails in one year.

To ensure delivery of emails to your inbox, add [email protected] to your address book.


We will email you a confirmation when these changes have been made.

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