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The Stata Bookstore carries books by Stata Press, books on Stata, and books on statistics. Every title added is personally selected and reviewed by a member of our Stata technical group for users like you.

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Stata Tips, Fourth Edition, Volumes I and II Nicholas J. Cox's Stata Tips, Fourth Edition provides concise and insightful notes about commands, features, and tricks that will help you obtain a deeper understanding of Stata.
Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Stata, Fifth Edition Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Stata, Fifth Edition is the essential reference and guide for researchers in all disciplines who wish to write maximum likelihood (ML) estimators in Stata. Beyond providing comprehensive coverage of Stata’s commands for writing ML estimators, the book presents an overview of the underpinnings of maximum likelihood and how to think about ML estimation.
A Gentle Introduction to Stata, Revised Sixth Edition Alan C. Acock's A Gentle Introduction to Stata, Revised Sixth Edition is aimed at new Stata users who want to become proficient in Stata. After reading this introductory text, new users will be able to not only use Stata well but also learn new aspects of Stata.
Microeconometrics Using Stata, Second Edition, Volumes I and II Any applied economic researcher using Stata and anyone teaching or studying microeconometrics will benefit from A. Colin Cameron's and Pravin K. Trivedi's two volumes of Microeconometrics Using Stata, Second Edition. They are an invaluable reference of the theory and intuition behind microeconometric methods using Stata.
A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, Fourth Edition Michael Mitchell’s A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, Fourth Edition is a complete guide to Stata’s graph command. Whether you want to tame the Stata graph command, quickly find out how to produce a graphical effect, or learn approaches that can be used to construct custom graphs.

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Stata Press ® offers books with clear, step-by-step examples that make teaching and learning easier.

Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata, Fourth Edition, Volumes I and II
Sophia Rabe-Hesketh and Anders Skrondal
Data Management Using Stata: A Practical Handbook, Second Edition
Michael N. Mitchell
An Introduction to Stata Programming, Second Edition
Christopher F. Baum
Generalized Linear Models and Extensions, Fourth Edition
James W. Hardin and Joseph M. Hilbe
An Introduction to Stata for Health Researchers, Fifth Edition
Svend Juul and Morten Frydenberg

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