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Stata Conference and Users Group meetings

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find something just for you at the Users Group meetings, which are held each year in several different locations around the world. These meetings provide in-depth presentations from experienced Stata users and experts from StataCorp that focus on helping you use Stata more effectively.

Upcoming meetings

2019 German Stata Users Group meeting
Munich, Germany
24 May 2019

2019 Stata Conference Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
11–12 July 2019

Recent meetings

2018 Brazilian Stata Users Group meeting
São Paulo, Brazil
7 December 2018

2018 Italian Stata Users Group meeting
Bologna, Italy
15 November 2018

2018 Swiss Stata Users Group meeting
Zürich, Switzerland
25 October 2018

2018 Spanish Stata Conference
Barcelona, Spain
24 October 2018

2018 Belgian Stata Users Group meeting
Brussels, Belgium
18 September 2018

Visit the proceedings page for complete information on past meetings, including programs, photos, slides, and other materials from the talks.

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