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The Stata Journal is a quarterly publication containing articles about statistics, data analysis, teaching methods, and effective use of Stata’s language. The Journal publishes reviewed papers together with shorter notes and comments, regular columns, book reviews, and other material of interest to researchers applying statistics in a variety of disciplines.


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Table of contents for current issue

Stata Journal Volume 18, Number 3

Articles and Columns

Customizing Stata graphs made easy (part 1)
B. Jann

Graphing each individual's data over time
M. D. Chatfield

Univariate and multivariate outlier identification for skewed or heavy-tailed distributions
V. Verardi and C. Vermandele

mstatecox: A package for simulating transition probabilities from semiparametric multistate survival models
S. K. Metzger and B. T. Jones

flowbca: A flow-based cluster algorithm in Stata
J. Meekes and W. H. J. Hassink

Estimating dynamic common-correlated effects in Stata
J. Ditzen

Theory and practice of total-factor productivity estimation: The control function approach using Stata
G. Rovigatti and V. Mollisi

Practical considerations for questionable IVs
D. Clarke and B. Matta

giniinc: A Stata package for measuring inequality from incomplete income and survival data
L. Hong, G. Alfani, C. Gigliarano, and M. Bonetti

Allowing for informative missingness in aggregate data meta-analysis with continuous or binary outcomes: Extensions to metamiss
A. Chaimani, D. Mavridis, J. P. T. Higgins, G. Salanti, and I. R. White

Speaking Stata: From rounding to binning
N. J. Cox

Notes and Comments

Stata tip 130: 106610 and all that: Date variables that need to be fixed
N. J. Cox

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