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The Stata Journal is a quarterly publication containing articles about statistics, data analysis, teaching methods, and effective use of Stata’s language. The Journal publishes reviewed papers together with shorter notes and comments, regular columns, book reviews, and other material of interest to researchers applying statistics in a variety of disciplines.

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Table of contents for current issue

Stata Journal Volume 19, Number 2

Articles and Columns

qmodel: A command for fitting parametric quantile models
M. Bottai and N. Orsini

mixmcm: A community-contributed command for fitting mixtures of Markov chain models using maximum likelihood and the EM algorithm
L. D. F. Saint-Cyr and L. Piet

xtspj: A command for split-panel jackknife estimation
Y. Sun and G. Dhaene

Generalized two-part fractional regression with cmp
J. N. Wulff

Statistical analysis of the item-count technique using Stata
C.-l. Tsai

Fuzzy differences-in-differences with Stata
C. de Chaisemartin, X. D'Haultføeuille, and Y. Guyonvarch

Grade functions
J. L. Gallup

Tips for calculating and displaying risk-standardized hospital outcomes in Stata
J. Lenzi and S. Pildava

Notes and Comments

Software Updates

Software Updates



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