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On-site training

StataCorp provides training for groups of Stata users at all levels. Whether your site has recently adopted Stata or has a large number of people who need to learn a specific facet of Stata, you can save time with on-site training taught by expert StataCorp personnel at your facility.

Why on-site training?

  • Content flexibility. Customize a course or choose from one of our existing courses. Any of our existing courses can be modified to fit your needs. You may choose the topics most relevant to your organization.
  • Knowledgeable instructors. Our attentive instructors are experts in their fields and in Stata. You can rely on their experience to guide you through lessons in an engaging manner.
  • Convenience. Eliminate costly employee travel time. Schedule the training when it is convenient for you.

What we provide

  • Expert instructor. The course fee includes all instructor travel and accommodations.
  • Course materials. We provide a physical set of course notes for each participant. After the course completes, the instructor provides the log files from the course.
  • Course license. We provide a temporary course license that not only covers the course, it also extends two weeks beyond course completion, allowing your participants extra practice time.

What you provide

  • Computer lab. Our training is interactive, so you need a web-enabled computer lab so your participants can work along with the lessons.
  • Participants. We limit the courses to a maximum of 24 participants, so the instructor can maintain a high level of interaction with the class.

Course options

You can choose from one of our existing courses, mix and match topics from our existing courses, or fully customize a course. Contact us with a special request.

Course prices

Course fees vary based on the duration of your course and the topics you choose. Contact a training coordinator for details.

Course hours

Training courses generally run for eight hours per day and include morning and afternoon breaks and a lunch break. You can arrange a convenient schedule with your instructor and training coordinator.


Course completion certificates are available upon request. Contact your training coordinator.

Contact us for more information.

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