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Multiple Imputation and Its Application
James R. Carpenter and Michael G. Kenward

Speaking Stata Graphics
Nicholas J. Cox

One Hundred Nineteen Stata Tips, Third Edition
Nicholas J. Cox and H. Joseph Newton (editors)

Data Science for Business and Decision Making
Luiz Paulo Fávero, and Patrícia Belfíore

Métodos Quantitativos com Stata
Luiz Paulo Fávero, Patrícia Belfíore, Renata Turola Takamatsu, and Janilson Suzart

Data Analysis Using Stata, Third Edition
Ulrich Kohler and Frauke Kreuter

Cuadernos Metodológicos Análisis de datos con Stata, Tercera Edición
Modesto Escobar Mercado, Enrique Fernández Macías, y Fabrizio Bernardi

Statistics Using Stata: An Integrative Approach, Second Edition
Sharon Lawner Weinberg and Sarah Knapp Abramowitz





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