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Programming features

Programming features

  • Sophisticated parsing
  • Looping and branching
  • Markup and control language
  • Access to internal system variables
  • Binary and text file I/O
  • JDBC support New
  • ODBC/SQL support
  • Access to files on the Internet
  • List processing
  • Path and file utilities
  • Extensive set of functions for string and data manipulation, including regular expressions and Unicode
  • Window management
  • Automation

Object-oriented programming

  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation of data structures and programs
  • Program-name overloading

Programming utilities for...

  • Debugging programs
  • Measuring convergence
  • Marking relevant sample
  • Storing results
  • Handling time-series variables
  • Confirming variable types
  • Controlling display formats
  • Parsing factor variables

Menu language

  • Add items to existing menus
  • Add new menus
  • Create dialog interfaces

Long string/BLOB support

  • Up to 2,000,000,00-character long strings
  • Binary "string" (BLOBs)
  • Import entire files into BLOBs/long strings
  • Export files from BLOBs/long strings

Unicode support

  • UTF-8
  • Translation of extended ASCII to UTF-8
  • Unicode-aware string functions
  • Locale-based sorting and string comparison

Project Manager

  • Handle dozens or hundreds of scripts at once
  • Portable project file/collections for working on multiple computers or sharing with colleagues

Numerics by Stata

  • Create applications with the power of Stata inside them; see the Numerics by Stata page for more information.


Reporting—Dynamic document generation

Reporting—reproducibly create Word, Excel, and PDF files

Additional resources

See New in Stata 17 to learn about what was added in Stata 17.





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