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How do I share a new command with Stata users?

Title   Sharing a Stata command
Author Ute Duvenhage, StataCorp

Thank you for being willing to make your Stata commands available to other Stata users. There are several ways of doing so.
  1. Submit your command to the Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive.

    The RePEc website contains information on the SSC archive and for submitting a command.
  2. Create your own website.

    You could create your own site and make it available through Stata. For more information, type
            help usersite
    in the Stata Command window. A new window will open with details on what information should be available on the user website. Once you have set up the site, send the URL to [email protected], and you will receive a confirmation email once the link has been added.
  3. Publish in the Stata Journal.

    Submit an article to the Stata Journal that explains what your command does and describes the theory behind it (with an example or two). For more information on the requirements for such an article, type
            help sj
    in the Stata Command window. Read more about The Stata Journal.
  4. Present at the Stata Conference or your local Users Group meeting.

The availability of your command can be posted at Statalist, the Stata forum. Read more about Statalist.