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New features in Stata 18

We introduced many highlights of the Stata 18 release here. But Stata 18 includes much more. Here we list all the new features in Stata 18, organized by topic so that you can easily find your favorites. And we will continuously add even more features. Explore features made available at the initial release of Stata 18, features added in free updates, and features introduced as part of StataNow™. You can also view all Stata features.

Download the updates

Make sure you have access to the new features released in updates. In Stata 18, type

. update all

in the Command window. Then type

. help whatsnew

to see a list of all the new features added since Stata 18 was released.

If you have StataNow, the above steps will also give you access to all StataNow features.

Don't have Stata 18? Upgrade today to access these new features.