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Learn about Stata®, a fast, powerful statistical package designed for researchers of all disciplines, or explore our other products, including books, journals, and training courses.

Stata Release 15
Discover why Stata is the package of choice for data science—analysis, modeling, statistics, data management, and visualization.
Attend a live webinar showing how easy it is to use Stata. Available to both users and prospective users.
See Stata in action solving hundreds of different data and statistical problems.
Explore all the tools and statistical techniques that Stata puts at your fingertips.
Learn about reproducible reporting using Word and Markdown, latent class analysis, multilevel Bayesian analysis, finite mixture models, and much more.
Your research. Our software. A beautiful solution. See what Stata can do for you.
Decide which size of Stata suits your needs.
Harness the power of your multicore machine and run Stata faster.
See which operating systems Stata supports.
Order Stata 15 or upgrade your copy of Stata.

Order Stata

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For help learning Stata or to explore our user community, please visit our Support section.





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