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Community corner

The Stata News Community corner highlights fun contributions from the Stata community. The Stata News is free and is automatically emailed to registered Stata users. If you are not a registered Stata user, you can register your Stata license.

Vol 39 No 2 Stacked generalization
Achim Ahrens, ETH Zürich; Christian B. Hansen, University of Chicago; and Mark E. Schaffer, Heriot-Watt University
Vol 38 No 4 Creating maps with geoplot
Ben Jann, University of Bern
Vol 38 No 3 Stata Tutorial
Germán Rodríguez, Princeton University
Vol 38 No 1 Working with American Community Survey data in Stata
Claire Zippel, Matt Saenz, Raheem Chaudhry, Vincent Palacios, and Lori Zakalik.
Vol 37 No 3 Stata tips
Todd Jones, Mississippi State University
Vol 37 No 2 Play Wordle in Stata
Austin Nichols, Amazon
Vol 37 No 1 Visualizing data in Stata
Asjad Naqvi, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Vol 36 No 5 VCQI: Stata programs for standardized survey data analysis
Dale Rhoda, Biostat Global Consulting
Vol 36 No 3 Stata and GitHub integration
Asjad Naqvi, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Vol 36 No 1 Play The Oregon Trail in Stata
Michael Droste, Harvard University
Vol 35 No 3 Teaching with Stata
Ling Cen, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Vol 35 No 1 Graph Workflow
Demetris Christodoulou, University of Sydney
Vol 34 No 5 dbnomics: Stata client for DBnomics, the world's economic database
Simone Signore, European Investment Fund (European Investment Bank Group)
Vol 34 No 1 ftools and gtools
Sergio Correia, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and Mauricio Cáceres, Yale
Vol 33 No 4 Machine Learning
A variety of sources from the Stata user community for machine learning
Vol 33 No 3 A little help with Mata from the SSCC
University of Wisconsin's Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC)
Vol 33 No 2 ietoolkit for everyday tasks
Luiza Andrade and Kristoffer Bjarkefur, World Bank, Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) analytics group
Vol 33 No 1 Network analysis made easy
Thomas Grund, University College Dublin
Vol 32 No 4 The perfect Halloween candy
Walt Hickey, FiveThirtyEight
Vol 32 No 3 Quick references for your favorite commands
Dr. Tim Essam, USAID, and Dr. Laura Hughes, The Scripps Research Institute
Vol 32 No 2 Announcing Stata 15
Bill Gould, President of StataCorp
Vol 32 No 1 The Hunger Games
Brett Keller, Population Services International
Vol 31 No 4 Writing music in Stata
Will Matsuoka, San Diego Gas & Electric
Vol 31 No 3 Visualize Fitbit® data with Stata
Belén Chavez, Amazon