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Community corner: Visualizing data in Stata

Data visualization is an integral part of your research project. This is why Stata has an abundance of graphical tools that allow you to visualize your data and the results of your analysis.

Have you ever struggled to create an advanced graph? During his presentation at the 2021 Stata Conference, Asjad Naqvi showed, that with a little bit of programming, you can create some amazing graphs in Stata. Among others, he showcased stacked area graphs, stream graphs, polar plots, and ridgeline plots.

Naqvi's advice for creating advanced visualizations doesn't stop there. His medium.com blog, The Stata Guide, has step-by-step instructions for creating tile maps, rose plots, spider plots, and several other interesting graphs. Naqvi walks you through every step in the process, from importing the data to creating a polished graph. Along the way, he clearly explains the purpose of the commands so that you can easily create your own versions of these graphs, too.

Whether you are interested in creating a mortality graph, a hex map of election results, an animation, or some other advanced graph, The Stata Guide has something for you.

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