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User's corner: ietoolkit for everyday tasks

In their blog post, "IE analytics: introducing ietoolkit", Luiza Andrade and Kristoffer Bjarkefur highlight the importance of standardizing and automating routine tasks. Do your routine tasks involve series of Stata commands for data management, graphs, tables, or estimation? If so, you can automate those tasks by writing a short script for yourself or by writing a complete program that you can share with others. This is exactly what the World Bank's Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) analytics group has done with their ietoolkit.

ietoolkit is a suite of commands for tasks such as correcting duplicates, matching similar observations across groups, managing folders and do-files, and comparing means of variables across groups. Many of these tasks are common in impact evaluation and in other fields. ietoolkit is available from the Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive and from GitHub.

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