The Stata News: Vol 33 No 2

Discover the possibilities at the 2018 Stata Conference in Columbus and the 2018 Canadian Stata Conference in Vancouver! Explore effects of policy changes using Stata's new dsge command, browse the latest Stata Press books, and more.

DSGE models for policy analysis

What happens to investment if taxes increase? What happens to production if interest rates rise? Answer these questions and more using Stata 15's new DSGE features.

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ietoolkit for everyday tasks

Create tables comparing means across groups. Correct duplicates. Match similar observations across groups.

Check out the suite of commands that the World Bank's DIME analytics group created for easily performing these routine tasks and many others.

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2018 Stata Conference

Join us July 19–20 in Columbus to experience what happens when new and long-time Stata users from across all disciplines gather to discuss real-world applications of Stata.

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2018 Canadian Stata Conference

Join us July 27 in Vancouver to network and exchange ideas, experiences, and new applications of Stata.

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The Mata Book: A Book for Serious Programmers and Those Who Want to Be

Written by William Gould, original designer of Mata and Stata, this is the book that Stata programmers have been waiting for. Mata is a serious programming language for developing small- and large-scale projects and for adding features to Stata.

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A Gentle Introduction to Stata, Sixth Edition

New to Stata? Read Alan C. Acock's latest book, and become a proficient Stata user. Learn to use Stata for all stages of your research, from entering and cleaning data to graphics and fundamental statistical analyses.

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