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Community corner: Stata Tutorial

Are you new to Stata or know someone who is? Do you need a great resource for introducing your students to Stata? You won't want to miss Germán Rodríguez's Stata Tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will find introductions to Stata's tools for data management, tables, and graphics. Each section contains worked examples that use easily accessible datasets so that readers can try them out in their own copies of Stata. Germán also provides advice on best practices such as starting a project directory, creating a log file, and working in do-files.

The Stata Tutorial has been updated for Stata 18, so you will get to see some of the newest features in action—you can learn about creating tables of descriptive statistics with the new dtable command and see graphs created using the all-new graph scheme.

Germán is not alone. Check out the many resources provided by our users to learn Stata.

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