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Community corner: Graph Workflow

Your data tell a story, and data visualization helps you communicate your story clearly and efficiently. If you're looking for a structured approach to creating high-impact Stata graphs for scientific work, check out the Graph Workflow website, created by Demetris Christodoulou.

The Graph Workflow model introduced here is a systematic approach to data visualization. It teaches you to clarify the objective of your graph and then perform an iterative process—managing data, considering each aspect of the graph, and evaluating whether the graph is clear and meaningful—until a high-quality, easily understood graph has been created.

The homepage provides an easy way to browse a variety of graphs by type. Each of the graphs was created using Stata, and the Stata code is provided at the end of the page for exact reproduction. Each example adheres to the Graph Workflow model and walks you through the considerations taken in each step.

Visit the Graph Workflow site to see how you can easily create custom visualizations in Stata that will clearly convey your story.