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Community corner: dbnomics: Stata client for DBnomics, the world's economic database

DBnomics, the world's economic database, gives access to over 21,000 datasets from 62 data agencies around the world. If you are looking for time-series data from sources such as the European Central Bank, the United States Congressional Budget Office, the World Bank, the National Association of Realtors, or a country's national statistics office, you will want to check out all that DBnomics provides.

And now, with the dbnomics command written by Simone Signore, you can search, browse, and import data from DBnomics directly into Stata. Simone introduced his command at the 2019 London Stata Conference, and you can read more about it in his slides.

If you are ready to try it for yourself, type

  . ssc install dbnomics

to download this command and use it in your copy of Stata.