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Community corner: Play The Oregon Trail in Stata

Calling all pioneers—the Oregon Trail awaits.

The Oregon Trail is a computer game originally designed to teach schoolchildren about the pioneer life on the Oregon Trail, a major route that Americans took when migrating to the western part of the United States. Since The Oregon Trail's inception, more than 65 million copies have been sold, and it is considered to be the most widely distributed educational game of all time.

Now, thanks to Stata user Michael Droste's community-contributed feature, you can play the 1978 version of The Oregon Trail in Stata.

To play, first install the package in Stata by typing

. net install oregontrail, 
  from(https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mdroste/stata-oregontrail/main/) replace

To begin the game, type

. oregontrail

Don’t worry about dying of dysentery; this earlier version of the game is far less scary.

The fun doesn't have to end there. Discover several more community-contributed features, such as dadjoke, reggae_music, or haiku, listed in this blog post that are sure to bring you joy and maybe inspire you to write your own Stata command.

Learn more about Michael Droste's ongoing research and the several Stata commands he's written by watching our latest Stata Happy Hour.

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