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Meta-Analysis Reference Manual

Publisher:  Stata Press
Copyright:  2023
ISBN-13:  978-1-59718-390-1
Pages:  425
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Meta-Analysis Reference Manual for Stata
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Table of contents

Intro Introduction to meta-analysis
meta Introduction to meta

meta data Declare meta-analysis data
meta esize Compute effect sizes and declare meta-analysis data
meta set Declare meta-analysis data using generic effect sizes
meta update Update, describe, and clear meta-analysis settings

meta forestplot Forest plots
meta summarize Summarize meta-analysis data

meta galbraithplot Galbraith plots
meta labbeplot L'Abbé plots
meta regress Meta-analysis regression
meta regress postestimation Postestimation tools for meta regress
estat bubbleplot Bubble plots after meta regress

meta funnelplot Funnel plots
meta bias Tests for small-study effects in meta-analysis
meta trimfill Nonparametric trim-and-fill analysis of publication bias

meta meregress Multilevel mixed-effects meta-regression
meta multilevel Multilevel random-intercepts meta-regression
meta me postestimation Postestimation tools for multilevel mixed-effects meta-analysis

meta mvregress Multivariate meta-regression
meta mvregress postestimation Postestimation tools for meta mvregress

estat group Summarize the composition of the nested groups
estat heterogeneity (me) Compute multilevel heterogeneity statistics
estat heterogeneity (mv) Compute multivariate heterogeneity statistics
estat recovariance Display estimated random-effects covariance matrices
estat sd Display variance components as standard deviations and correlations


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