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FAQ:   Reporting
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Current FAQs

How to transpose a table generated with collect/table/dtable/etable?
How to reshape a table?

How can I create table layouts from scratch by using collect get?

How do I insert a customized statistic in an existing table?
How do I add a new column or a new row in an existing table?

How can I remove rows or columns from a table generated with collect, table, or dtable?

How do I change a table’s layout using collect layout?

How does dtable handle survey data?
How to generate a table of descriptive statistics for survey data?

How can I export multiple tables to one file?

Why can't I observe the style changes (background shading, font, etc.) in my table in the Results window?

What are the autolevels of a dimension in a table (collection)?

Combine multiple tables obtained with table or dtable using collect

What methods can we use to export a customizable table from Stata to another format?

What file formats are supported when exporting tables from Stata? ( .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .html, .md, .tex, .txt, and .smcl)

How can I customize my table to add cell shading, bold formatting, and underline texts?

How can I easily create and export a table of regression results from Stata to other formats?

Which versions of Stata have the table, dtable, etable, and collect commands?

What official resources are available for learning about the collect/table/etable/dtable commands?

FAQs concerning releases before Stata 18

How do I export tables from Stata?