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FAQ:   Stata for Windows
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Questions are listed below in the following categories:
  1. Installation
  2. Memory allocation
  3. Hardware/software incompatibilities
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. FAQs concerning releases before Stata 17

1. Installation

How do I install Stata?

How do I install Stata 17 for Windows on a network drive?

How can I install Stata from the command line without GUI under Windows?

How does a Stata network license work?

How do I run Stata remotely on my Windows-based PC?

Stata complains that my "license is not applicable to this version". What does that mean?

2. Memory allocation

Why is Stata running very slowly?

3. Hardware/software incompatibilities

How can I determine if my computer/operating system is 64-bit?

What are the hardware requirements to run Stata?

4. Miscellaneous

What kind of machine should I purchase to make Stata run most effectively?

How do I run Stata for Windows in batch mode?

5. FAQs concerning releases before Stata 17

How do I install Stata 16 for Windows on a network drive?

Does Stata run on Windows RT?

Does Stata run on Windows 8?

What kind of performance increase can I expect in going from 32-bit to 64-bit Stata?

How do I load large datasets (>1Gb) under 32-bit Windows? I receive an error r(909) saying "op. sys. refuses to provide memory".

Why do I receive the errorInstallation ended prematurely because of an error” on a Windows Vista machine?

How do I get the haver command to run in 64-bit Stata 11 on Microsoft Windows?

Why do I receive the error r(603) when trying to update Stata running on Vista or Windows 7?

How much memory does your computer need to run Stata for Windows?

Why do I receive the error “cannot open C:\Program Files\Stata11\STATA.LIC” on a Windows Vista Machine?

Why do I receive the error "Unable to Locate DLL" upon launching Stata 10 on Windows 2000?

Why can’t I allocate as much memory on Stata 10 as I could on Stata 9, if I am using Windows XP?

How do I install Stata on a Windows network?

How can I automatically install Stata under Windows?

Memory reference errors and Windows

Why does Windows 98/95/NT seem to be swapping even though I have not allocated all available memory to Stata?

How can I edit a Stata graph in Microsoft Word?

Help stopped working; how do I fix it?

How do I get the Review and Variables windows to behave as they did before when using Stata 8?

Why can’t I click in Stata’s Command Window in Windows 2000/XP when using Stata 8?

Why will the new executable not work after I updated Stata?
Why is the old executable (wstata.old) still running after I updated the executable?

Stata will not save my preferences under Windows NT. How can I save my windows preferences in Windows NT?

How do I create a Postscript (or EPS) file of my graphs?

My graphs don’t print properly on my HP LaserJet 4 printer from Windows.

How can I convert a Stata graph to .wmf (Windows metafile) format and preserve the color?

Why do I receive an error message when I click on large dataset?

How do I save a .wmf file in color?

I'm not able to access all available free memory from Windows 3.1.

How do I set the amount of memory allocated to Stata under Windows 3.1 and 98/95/NT?

Why are my data showing up as missing values?





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