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Note: This FAQ is for users of Stata 6. It is not relevant for more recent versions.

Stata 6: When I save a graph as a .wmf (Windows metafile), it is saved in black and white. How can I save it as a color graph?

Title   Stata 6: Saving graphs as .wmf files in color
Author Jeremy Wernow, StataCorp

To save a graph in .wmf format and obtain a color metafile, the graph preferences for the appearance must be set. In Stata, select the Prefs menu and then select Graph preferences. In the dialog box, click on the Appearance tab. Make sure the Print/copy in color and Print/copy background color boxes have been checked. These will allow you to save color graphs. When you are done, click OK.

Tip: If you want to create a transparent graph, don’t check the Print/copy background color option that was mentioned above.