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Note: This FAQ is for users of Stata 7. It is not relevant for Stata 8.

Stata 7: Windows printing

Title   Stata 7: Windows printing
Author Mark Esman, StataCorp

How do I create a Postscript (or EPS) file of my graphs?

  • Make sure you have a Postscript printer driver installed in Windows.
  • In Stata, select Print Graph from the File menu.
  • Select the Postscript printer driver.
  • Check the Print to file box.
  • If you wish to print to an EPS file, look through the printer options for this capability. Each Windows Postscript printer driver is different, so we cannot give exact instructions for finding the EPS option.
  • Click OK to print the graph.

My graphs don’t print properly on my HP LaserJet 4 printer from Windows.

The printer driver for the LaserJet 4 does not work correctly with Stata's graph printing function (in addition to other applications as well). A very simple solution is to select the printer driver for the LaserJet 3 when printing graphs from Stata for Windows.