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How do I run Stata remotely on my Windows-based PC?

Title   Running Stata remotely on a Windows platform
Author Pete Huckelba, StataCorp (updated by Kevin Crow, StataCorp)

Many users have requested information for running Stata in a Windows Server computing environment that uses the server’s resources (not the client’s). To do this, you must have a Terminal Server deployed at your site. There are several third-party vendors for server-based computing environments that add enhanced functionality and security to Terminal Services, but Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 is one of the most popular.


Stata installation on a Citrix server is tantamount to a client level install. Simply insert your Stata installation DVD into your DVD-ROM drive and follow the installer’s instructions.


The correct Stata license for a Citrix server is a Stata network license. The number of users for the network license depends on how many users would be using Stata at any given time and is controlled within the Windows/Citrix environment. The number refers to concurrent Stata users, not multiple Stata sessions.





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