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Does Stata run on Windows RT?

Title Running Stata on Windows RT  
Authors James Hassell, StataCorp

Windows RT is a tablet version of Windows 8 for devices such as Microsoft’s “Surface”. See Does Stata run on Windows 8? for more information about Stata on laptops, desktops, workstations, and servers running Windows 8.

There are two tablet versions of Windows 8. One version is called simply “Windows RT” and runs on devices that use a different hardware architecture than the standard x86-64 architecture used by most computers. Microsoft has not made available the necessary compiler and tools for applications such as Stata to be able to work on Windows RT yet, and it is unclear whether Microsoft will do so. So Stata does not currently run on Windows RT.

Windows 8 Pro (not Windows RT) also runs on tablet devices such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Stata works on Microsoft’s Surface Pro running Windows 8 Pro.