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This page announced the new features in Stata 15. Please see our Stata 18 page for the new features in Stata 18.


Stata/MP is the multiprocessor and multicore edition of Stata. Its primary purpose is to run faster. Most of the new features in Stata 15 have been parallelized to run faster on Stata/MP, sometimes much faster.

Here's a summary of how much faster for some of the new features.

Time to run
Feature1 core2 cores4 cores
ERMs 100 60 40
LCA 100 57 36
Bayes prefix1 100 55 32
DSGEs 100 100 100
FMMs 100 62 43
GSEM w/ groups 100 59 39
Nonparametric regression 100 86 80
Interval survival 100 54 31
Threshold regression 100 96 94
Multilevel tobit 100 55 33
Theoretical limit 100 50 25
All timings are adjusted to percentages of 100% for one processor. If you pretend that timings for 1 core are 100 seconds, then the column for 2 cores is the number of seconds required to run on 2 cores, and likewise for 4 cores.
1 The bayes prefix is parallelized to the same extent as the estimator you are prefixing. Times will vary by estimator. This is a rough average.

We know this is a partial list. We haven't yet fully tested the speed of all the new features. When we have, the full timings will be found in the Stata/MP Performance Report.

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