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Announcing Stata 14

  • Bayesian analysis
  • Unicode
  • Panel and multilevel survival models
  • Much more in treatment effects
  • IRT (item response theory)
  • Markov-switching regression models
  • Power analysis for contingency tables and survival models
  • Survey support for multilevel models
  • And much more

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In the spotlight: Bayesian "random-effects" models

Stata 14 introduced bayesmh for fitting Bayesian models. You can choose from one of many built-in models or write your own.

In this article, we show you how to use bayesmh to fit a Bayesian "random-effects" model. We write "random effects" in quotes because all effects (parameters) are considered random within the Bayesian framework. These models are typically referred to as Bayesian multilevel or Bayesian hierarchical models.

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2015 International Stata Users Group meetings

  • Germany
    June 26, 2015
  • Japan
    August 28, 2015
  • Sweden
    September 4, 2015
  • UK
    September 10–11, 2015
  • Portugal
    September 18, 2015
  • Australia
    September 24–25, 2015
  • Italy
    November 12–13, 2015

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In the spotlight: Formatting Excel® tables from within Stata

New capabilities of putexcel in Stata 14 let you format cells and fonts in Excel. This means that you can now easily export matrices, expressions, and stored results from Stata to Excel and control how they appear. You can also insert Stata graphs and add cell formulas. Now it's easy to format the cells to create custom tables or reports

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Stata Conference in Columbus

Stata Conference July 30-31, 2015
Hyatt Regency Columbus, Ohio
See you in Columbus!

Program now available.

This year's conference highlights our latest release, Stata 14.
Don't miss this opportunity to share insights and knowledge with other Stata users.


Introduction to Stata
July 10–August 21
Introduction to Stata Programming
July 10–August 21
Advanced Stata Programming
June 12–July 31
Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata
June 12–July 31
Introduction to Univariate Time Series with Stata
June 12–July 31
Introduction to Panel Data Using Stata
June 19–July 31

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Public training courses

Using Stata Effectively: Data Management, Analysis, and Graphics Fundamentals

May 20–21, 2015
June 9–10, 2015

Aimed at both new Stata users and those who wish to learn techniques for efficient day-to-day use of Stata, this course enables you to use Stata in a reproducible manner, making collaborative changes and follow-up analyses much simpler. Exercises supplement the lessons and Stata examples

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Structural Equation Modeling Using Stata

June 11–12, 2015

Learn how to illustrate, specify, and estimate structural equation models in Stata using Stata’s SEM Builder and the sem command. The course introduces several types of models, including path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, full structural equation models, and latent growth curves. Exercises supplement the lessons and Stata examples

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MEAFA Professional Development Workshop on Quantitative Analysis Using Stata

University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia
June 29–July 3, 2015

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International short courses

Looking for a Stata course in your area? Short courses are held by a variety of institutions to help people learn more about statistics and Stata. The short courses on our website are offered by institutions other than StataCorp and provide a multitude of ways to become proficient at Stata quickly.

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New from the Stata Bookstore

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Testing for endogeneity: New feature for eteffects in Stata 14

There has been great interest in Stata 14's eteffects, which obtains treatment effects when unobserved variables affect both treatment assignment and outcomes.

We have enhanced eteffects. We can now test if the unobserved variable affects both outcome and treatment.

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New from the Stata Gift Shop

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