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Public training courses

Sign up for our summer courses in Washington, DC! Enrollment is limited, so register today.

Using Stata Effectively: Data Management, Analysis, and Graphics Fundamentals

May 20–21, 2015
June 9–10, 2015

Aimed at both new Stata users and those who wish to learn techniques for efficient day-to-day use of Stata, this course enables you to use Stata in a reproducible manner, making collaborative changes and follow-up analyses much simpler. Exercises supplement the lessons and Stata examples.

Structural Equation Modeling Using Stata

June 11–12, 2015

Learn how to illustrate, specify, and estimate structural equation models in Stata using Stata’s SEM Builder and the sem command. The course introduces several types of models, including path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, full structural equation models, and latent growth curves. Exercises supplement the lessons and Stata examples.

Enroll online.