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Current annual license and maintenance holders will receive an upgrade to Stata 18. If you qualify, watch your email inbox, and simply follow the instructions in the email to receive your Stata 18 license.


Other products and services

Stata Training

Save yourself valuable time. From web-based NetCourses to on-site training, there are many ways to become proficient at Stata.

Stata Gift Shop

Show off your love for Stata or give someone the perfect gift with these Stata logo items.

Stata Bookstore

Every title added is personally selected and reviewed by a member of our Stata technical group for users like you.

Stata Press

Stata Press features high-quality books written by members of the Stata community. Find texts written for a variety of disciplines that tie in theory with real-world examples.

Stata Journal

This quarterly publication contains articles about statistics, data analysis, teaching methods, and effective use of Stata's language.

Numerics by Stata

Stata's statistical, programming, and reporting features for embedded environments and web applications.

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