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MultiON Consulting and the Center for Research and Economic Intelligence (CIIE) at Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) invite you to participate in the eighth Mexican Stata Conference, which will take place virtually on 14–15 October 2021.

This conference is an international gathering where the most relevant and innovative topics in econometrics and statistics are discussed in keynote lectures and presentations. Representatives from StataCorp will attend and host an open panel discussion, so you can share your questions and feedback directly with Stata developers. The conference will be bilingual, and lectures will be given in both English and Spanish according to the speaker's preference. Anyone interested in using Stata is welcome.

Presentation topics may include the following

  • discussions of community-contributed Stata commands,
  • case studies of research or teaching using Stata,
  • discussions of data management problems,
  • reviews of analytic issues, and
  • surveys or critiques of Stata facilities in specific fields.

For examples of past presentations, view the proceedings page.

The call for presentations has closed.

Visit the official conference page for more information or sign up for an email alert.

Keynote presentation


David M. Drukker and Di Liu


In this talk, we present a few commands in Stata that produce reliable inferences for causal parameters after choosing which covariates should be in the model. We also provide a basic introduction to the lasso method and the BIC-stepwise method that can be used to choose which covariates should be in the model. We compare the costs and benefits of the two methods. We also present a bit of the statistical methodology that is implemented in these commands, including some new results in Drukker and Liu (2021).

Visit the official conference page for more information.

Scientific committee

Alfonso Mendoza Velázquez (Chair)
Willy W. Cortez Yactayo
CUCEA & Universidad de Guadalajara
Alejandro López Feldman
Alfredo Cuecuecha Mendoza


Conference fees
(VAT not incl.)
Professionals 35.00 USD
(Requires student ID card)
35.00 USD

Visit the official conference page for more information.

Logistics organizer

The logistics organizer for the 2021 Mexican Stata Conference is MultiON Consulting S.A. de C.V., the distributor of Stata in Mexico, Latin America, and the Carribean.

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