Proceedings of the 5th UK user group meeting

The 5th Stata UK User Group Meeting
The Royal Statistical Society
12 Errol Street, London EC1Y 8LX
17-18 May, 1999

Royal Statistical Society

12 Errol Street


The 5th UK user group meeting took place at the Royal Statistical Society in London on 17-18 May 1999. Organisation was by Ana Timberlake of Timberlake Consultants (the logistics) and by Stephen Jenkins and Peter Sasieni (the scientific programme).

About 50 people attended each day, including representatives from a range of disciplines, including bio-medical statistics, economics, and geography. We were very pleased to welcome Bill Gould and Alan Riley from StataCorp.

Over the 2 days there were 9 presentations by Stata users plus major presentations from Bill Gould and Alan Riley. Topics covered included programs for graphics, data summary, estimation of multivariate models, and Stata programming per se. The Statacorp sessions included a report to users with some glimpses of future developments (including a lively question and answer session), programming in Stata 6, collaboration taking advantage of Stata’s new net commands, and the upgrades to the survival analysis (st) program suite.

The more hardened Stata addicts continued discussions at a local pub and later at an Indian restaurant.

Abstracts of the papers are posted below or at Speakers’ names and email addresses are included, and anyone interested in obtaining a copy of a program mentioned is invited to contact the relevant speaker.

Stephen P. Jenkins,
Peter Sasieni,


Monday, 17 May
09:30Registration and Coffee/Tea
10:00Introduction and welcome, Peter Sasieni & Stephen Jenkins
10:05L-moments for data summary and distribution fitting, Nick Cox & Patrick Royston
10:40Generalised linear latent and mixed models, Sophia Rabe-Hesketh, Andrew Pickles & Colin Taylor
11.35Minimum distance estimation of covariance structures, Lorenzo Cappellari
12:10Hot deck imputation, Adrian Mander and David Clayton
13:45Examples of dialog box programming in Stata: data entry and telephone randomization, Tony Brady
14:15Regression analysis with episode length as outcome, when only incomplete episode durations are available, Mohamed Ali, Tom Marshall, & Abdel Babiker
14.50Report to users and glimpses to the future, including question and answer session for user grumbles, comments, and suggestions for Stata version 7, Bill Gould and Alan Riley
15:55 continued, Bill Gould and Alan Riley
17:15End of formal sessions; informal session begins in pub nearby
Tuesday, 18 May
09:30-hplot- and -hbar- for presentation graphics, Nick Cox
09:45Programming with the -gph- command, illustrated via Forrest plots, Peter Sasieni
10:00-glcurve-: a program for generalized Lorenz curves and related structures, Philippe Van Kerm & Stephen Jenkins
10:25Programming in Stata (e.g., from do-files to ado-files; what’s different in version 6), Alan Riley
11:30Survival analysis in Stata 6, Bill Gould
14:00Informal group session, Bill Gould and Alan Riley
  • Translating Stata 5 programs to Stata 6 (continued from earlier session)
  • Collaboration at a distance
  • Programming survival analysis


Peter Sasieni

Stephen Jenkins
ESRC Research Centre on Micro-social Change
University of Essex

Nick Cox
Durham University, UK

Patrick Royston
Imperial College

Sophia Rabe-Hesketh
Institute of Psychiatry

Andrew Pickles
University of Manchester

Colin Taylor
Addiction Research Unit

Lorenzo Cappellari
University of Warwick

Adrian Mander
MRC Biostatistics Unit
University Forvie Site

David Clayton
Cambridge University

Tony Brady
Imperial College

Mohamed Ali

Tom Marshall

Abdel Babiker
MRC HIV Clinical Trials Centre

Alan Riley

Bill Gould

Philippe Van Kerm
FUNDP, Namur





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