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Java plugins

In Stata 13.0 or higher, you can create and execute Java plugins. Java plugins are Java programs that you can call from Stata. When called from Stata, a Java plugin has the ability to interact with Stata datasets, matrices, macros, scalars, and more. Programmers familiar with Java can leverage Java's extensive language features. There are also many third-party libraries available. If you are not an experienced Java programmer and you intend to implement a Java plugin, you should start by learning to program Java. Once you become a proficient Java programmer, writing a Java plugin for Stata should be relatively easy.

Java plugins can access Stata through the Stata-Java API Specification. See the API for the Stata version you intend to build against and target.

Stata 16, Stata-Java API Specification
Stata 15, Stata-Java API Specification
Stata 14, Stata-Java API Specification
Stata 13, Stata-Java API Specification

You can read more about Java plugins in [P] java and [P] javacall.





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