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Stata is easy to use

  • Stata has a topical index built into the online help system.

  • Stata has an easy-to-use point-and-click interface providing access to its commands.

  • Stata also has a simple, consistent command syntax.

  • Here’s how you do an OLS regression using a command:
    . regress mvalue gender age income educ1-educ6

    You can also do an OLS regression using a dialog box.

  • Most commands have the same syntax, whether the command fits a model, produces descriptive statistics, or performs a data-management task:

    . summarize age income . tabulate age . logit outcome gender status exp if age>29 . scatter income educ if state=="Texas" . drop if age <= 29 . by gender: tabulate case exposure . by agegrp: summarize income yrswk

    All of these operations can also be performed using dialog boxes.

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