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Web-based training

What is web-based training?

Web-based training offers the same great content as our classroom training. And just like our classroom training, web-based training is designed to be interactive. Watch and listen from your computer as the instructor teaches; follow along in your notes; ask the instructor questions; and work examples using Stata. The differences are that you attend web-based training courses in the comfort of your own home or office and that courses are typically divided into three- to four-hour sessions that take place over consecutive days.

Choose your own style of learning. Some people prefer to watch closely and follow along in their printed copies of the course notes while the instructor discusses slides and works examples using Stata. Others who have monitors large enough to use Stata and view the course simultaneously may prefer to use the downloaded datasets and do-files to work examples in Stata along with the instructor.

Interact easily with instructors. You can click a button to raise your hand and then speak directly with the instructor through your microphone. Or you type your questions and comments into a chat window.


  • Participate in interactive, classroom-style instruction
  • Learn from StataCorp statisticians and econometricians
  • Avoid the hassle and expenses of traveling
  • Join us from the comfort of your home or office

Take a brief tour of a web-based training course.

Technical requirements


Web-based training FAQs





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