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Web-based training: Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to be online when the course is taking place?
A. The web-based training course is designed to be interactive. It is intended to be taken live, in real time, where you follow along in your printed notes, ask the instructor questions, and work examples using Stata. Courses are divided into three- to four-hour sessions that take place over consecutive days.

Q: What type of Internet connection do I need?
A: A high-speed Internet connection is required. A wired connection is not required. However, we do not recommed taking a web-based course using a public hot spot such as a library, an airport, or a coffee shop.

Q: I don't have a headset. Can I use my computer's microphone and speakers?
A: We do not recommend using the computer's microphone and speakers simultaneously. This can cause audio problems both for you and other course participants because of feedback. However, you may choose from one of the following audio options.

  • You can use your computer's speakers to listen to the instructor and mute your microphone. It is not necessary to have a microphone to communicate with instructors. You can type your questions and comments in a chat window.
  • You can use the microphone on your computer while listening through headphones. This is a good option if you are taking the course in a quiet location.
  • It is not necessary to buy an expensive headset. We have found that most headphones that have microphones, such as the earbuds with microphones that often come with cell phones, allow you to both listen and talk to instructors.

Q: When will I receive my course notes?
A: A printed copy of the course notes will be mailed to participants the week before the course is scheduled to begin.

Q: What will I need to do before the course begins?
A: To have the best experience in the web-based training course, you need to verify that you have installed and updated the necessary software and that you have downloaded all course materials. Specifically, you need to do the following:

  • If you have a current copy of Stata on the computer you will be using for the course, type update all to verify that Stata is up to date. For those who do not have Stata, you will receive a temporary license to install. For any questions regarding installing or updating Stata, contact tech-support@stata.com.
  • Web-based courses are taught using Adobe Connect. To participate in the course, you will need to install the Adobe Connect Add-in and a current version of Flash Player (if not using the Google Chrome browser). Go to http://statacorp.adobeconnect.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm to test your Internet connection, install the Adobe Connect Add-in, and install Flash Player.
  • Download all datasets and do-files used in the course. Registered participants will receive an email with instructions for downloading course materials one week before the first day of the training.

Q: What happens if I get stuck while using Stata and need to show my instructor something on my screen?
A: Almost all questions can be addressed by asking questions verbally or typing a chat message. On rare occasions, it is helpful to share your computer screen with your instructors during one of the break times. Notice that screen sharing requires that the Adobe Add-in be installed and that you have installation permissions on your computer because you may be asked to install or reinstall software at the time you share your screen. On a Mac, you will need to be able to change Security and Privacy settings to allow the Adobe Connect Add-in to function. If you would like to schedule time to test screen sharing before the course begins, contact tech-support@stata.com at least three business days before the first day of your course.

Q: Can I use my tablet or cell phone to attend the training?
A: Use at your own risk, and be advised that you will likely not be able to speak with the instructors. We do not recommend this.

Q: What if I do not have permission to install software on my computer? Can I still take the training?
A: Yes. An administrator on your computer can install the necessary software and download course materials before the course begins. You will be able to see and hear all course presentations and to communicate with instructors. You might not be able to share your screen with the instructors, but screen sharing is typically not necessary in web-based courses.

Q: Can I still take the training if I have an older version of Stata?
A: Yes, you may. We will send you a temporary license for the current version of Stata. Note that the course may cover features that are only available in the current version of Stata.

Q: What kind of computer will the instructor be using? I'm worried I won't be able to follow if I use something different.
A: The training will be conducted on a Windows computer. However, the Stata commands used in the courses are exactly the same across platforms. In addition, Stata's interface is very similar across platforms. You will be able to work along.

Q: Will I get the same high-quality free lunches that are offered in the public training courses?
A: You will get something better, because you can make your own lunch. ;<)





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