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This page contains only historical information and is not about the current release of Stata. Please see our Stata 18 page for information on the current version of Stata.

New in Stata 9

ORDER STATA Release 9 adds many new features to Stata. Some of the highlights are shown below; select any header to find out more. To view the official the release announcement, click here.

Stata/MP, a parallel-processing-capable version of Stata, is now available. Find out more on the Stata/MP pages.

Mata – Matrix language
Stata’s all-new matrix programming language, Mata, is both an interactive environment for manipulating matrices and a full development environment that can produce compiled and optimized code. Mata includes the most up-to-date LAPACK numerical analysis routines, has special features for processing panel data, performs operations on real or complex numbers, and is fully integrated with every aspect of Stata. Learn more.
Linear mixed models

Survey statistics

Multivariate methods

Multinomial probit
As with most Stata estimators, the new multinomial probit estimator allows linear constraints on the parameters; can produce appropriate SE estimates when the data are clustered or correlated; can produce analytic, bootstrap, and jackknife SEs; and supports a host of postestimation testing and model analyses, such as marginal effects, Wald tests of constraints, Hausman tests, linear and nonlinear combinations of coefficients with SEs and CIs, and predictions of probabilities and other linear or nonlinear combinations with SEs and CIs. Learn more.

More statistics

Data management

GUI and graphics

Full 64-bit support