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This page announced updates in Stata 10. See a complete overview of all of Stata's GUI features.


Graphical user interface (GUI)

  1. Stata now executes sysprofile.do, if it exists, in addition to profile.do when Stata is launched. This allows system administrators to provide global customization. See [GS] Appendix A: More on starting and exiting Stata.
  2. New command adoupdate automates the process of updating user-written ado-files; see [R] adoupdate.
  3. New command hsearch searches the help files for specified words and presents a ranked, clickable list in the Viewer; see [R] hsearch.
  4. Stata’s help files are now named *.sthlp rather than *.hlp, meaning that user-written help files can be sent via email more easily. Many email filters flag .hlp files as potential virus carriers because Stata was not the only one to use the .hlp suffix. You need not rename your old help files. See [R] help.
  5. There are now console versions of Stata/SE and Stata/MP for Mac, just as there are for Unix. They are included on the installation CD and installed automatically.
  6. Stata’s in command modifier now accepts F and L as synonyms for f and l, meaning first and last observations.
  7. Multiple log files may be opened simultaneously; see [R] log.
  8. Intercooled Stata has been renamed to Stata/IC.

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