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Stata Release 14: Available now

And more new features

We wish we had the space to tell you more about the following. Visit stata.com/new-in-stata. You can read more, and even read the manual entries and worked examples.

More than 2 billion observations are allowed by the multiprocessor version of Stata, Stata/MP. You are limited only by memory.

Tests for structural break in time series let you test after estimation for a break at known or unknown dates.

Hurdle model estimation allows you to model censored and uncensored outcomes in separate equations; uncensored outcomes are observed when a hurdle is cleared.

Censored Poisson regression lets you model count processes with values that are not observed below a threshold, not observed above a threshold, or both simultaneously.

Sampling weights allowed with treatment effects is highly requested, so now Stata allows it.

Integrate better with Excel® by using Stata to insert graphs, formulas, formatted text, and more.

Stata's interface can now be in Spanish or Japanese, including all menus, dialogs, and other interface elements.

ICD-10 diagnosis codes are now understood by Stata just as ICD-9 codes are.

The 64-bit Mersenne Twister now provides Stata's pseudorandom numbers, and PRNGs for more distributions are available.

Quick starts have been added to the manuals to give you a quick overview or refresher for common syntaxes.

Fractional regression lets you model variables that are fractions, proportions, or rates.