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Public training courses

Learn Stata from StataCorp’s experts. These day courses are ideal for researchers and individuals who want to learn more or gain a deeper understanding of Stata.

Regression modeling using Stata

June 2, 2014, Washington, DC
Regression modeling is a fundamental tool for researchers who want to establish causal quantitative relationships from observational data. Learn the theoretical concepts necessary to understand regression models and how to implement them using Stata, and learn to reinforce those concepts with exercises and examples you will solve with the assistance of the instructor.

Panel-data analysis using Stata

June 3–4, 2014, Washington, DC
Learn both the theory and the practice of panel-data analysis. After introducing the fixed-effects and random-effects approaches to unobserved individual-level heterogeneity, the course covers linear models with exogenous covariates, linear models with endogenous variables, dynamic linear models, and nonlinear models. Exercises and Stata examples supplement the lessons.

Time-series analysis using Stata

June 5–6, 2014, Washington, DC
Learn how to efficiently use Stata for time-series analysis. Topics include data management, estimation of univariate and multivariate stationary and nonstationary time series, model selection, hypothesis testing, and interpretation. Exercises and Stata examples supplement the lessons.

Using Stata effectively: The fundamentals

June 23–24, 2014, Washington, DC
Aimed at both new Stata users and those who wish to learn techniques for efficient day-to-day use of Stata, this course enables you to use Stata in a reproducible manner, making collaborative changes and follow-up analyses much simpler. Exercises and Stata examples supplement the lessons.

Computers with Stata installed are provided at all public training sessions. Enrollment is limited.

Find out more and enroll.

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