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ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research

June–August 2014

The ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research is recognized throughout the world as the preeminent forum for basic and advanced training in the methodologies and technologies of social science research. ICPSR’s general instructional philosophy emphasizes the integration of methological strategies with the theoretical and practical concerns that arise in research on substantive social issues. The ICPSR Summer Program also creates a unique and supportive social environment that facilitates professional networking and encourages the exchange of ideas about the theory and practice of social science research.

The Summer Program takes place from early June to late August. In addition to two four-week sets of courses in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ICPSR offers intensive one-week workshops in Ann Arbor and at several additional sites.

In 2014, ICPSR is offering several workshops that will be of particular interest to the Stata user community:

Models for Categorical Outcomes Using Stata: Specification, Estimation, and Interpretation
Scott Long, PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington
June 16–20

Structural Equation Modeling with Stata
Kristin MacDonald, PhD, StataCorp
June 18–20

Panel-Data Analysis Using Stata
David Drukker, PhD, StataCorp
July 7–11

Managing Statistical Research: The Workflow of Data Analysis
Scott Long, PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington
July 7–11

Analyzing Multilevel and Mixed Models Using Stata
Bill Rising, PhD, StataCorp
August 11–13

For further details about courses, visit ICPSR’s website.