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Table of contents:

an51: Call for suggestions
Author: Sean Becketti, STB Editor
an52: Stata 4.0 released
Author: Patricia Branton, StataCorp
an53: Implications of Stata 4.0 for the STB
Author: Sean Becketti, STB Editor
crc37: Commonly asked questions about Stata for Windows
crc38: Installing Stata for Windows under OS/2 Warp
os15: The impact of the Pentium FDIV bug on Stata users
Author: William Gould, StataCorp
dm24: Producing formatted tables
Author: W. H. Rogers
gr16: Convex hull programs
Authors: J. Patrick Gray, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Tim McGuire, Pillsbury College, Owatonna, MN
ip7: A utility for debugging Stata programs
Author: Timothy J. Schmidt, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas
sg29: Tabulation of observed/expected rations and confidence intervals
Author: Peter Sasieni, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK
sg30: Measures of inequality in Stata
Author: Edward Whitehouse, OECD, Paris
sg31: Measures of Diversity: Absolute and Relative
Author: Richard Goldstein, Qualitas, Inc.
sqv10: Expanded multinomial comparisons
Author: William H. Rogers, StataCorp
sts7.5: A library of time series programs for Stata (Update)
Author: Sean Becketti, STB Editor
zz3.7: Computerized index for the STB replaced in Stata 4.0
Author: William Gould, StataCorp

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