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Table of contents:

an1.1: STB categories and insert codes
an27: Pagno and Gauvrequ text available
Author: Ted Anderson, CRC
an28: Spanish analysis of biological data text published
Author: Isaias Salgado-Ugarte, University of Tokyo, Japan
crc24: Error in corc
crc25: Problem with tobit
crc26: Improvement to poisson
ip3.1: Stata programming
Author: William Gould, StataCorp
os7.1: Stata and windowed interfaces
Author: William Rising, Kentuckey Medical Review Organization
os7.2: Response
Author: William Gould, StataCorp
os7.3 CRC committed to Stata's command language
Author: William Gould, StataCorp
sbe7.1 Hyperbolic regression correction
Author: Paul Geiger, USC School of Medicine
sbe10: An improvement to poisson
Author: German Rodriguez, Princeton University
sed7.2: Twice reroughing procedure for resistant nonlinear smoothing
Authors: I. Salgado-Ugarte, University of Tokyo, Japan
J. Curts-Garcia, U.N.A.M., Mexico City, Mexico
sg1.4: Standard nonlinear curve fits
Author: Patrick Royston, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London, UK
sg15: Sample size determination for means and proportions
Author: Joseph Hilbe, STB Editor
sg16: Generalized linear models
Author: Joseph Hilbe, STB Editor
smv6: Identifying multivariate outliers
Authors: William Gould, StataCorp
Ali S. Hadi, Cornell University

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