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Table of contents:

an1: STB Overview
an2: The Editorial Board
an3: STB and STB Subscriptions
an4: Submission Guidelines
an5: BeNeLux Countries Stata Distributor
Author: Jaap Groot, Oasis Decision Support Systems, The Netherlands
an6: CRC Provides 800 Service to Canada
Author: Charles Fox, CRC
an7: Psyiatric Research Supplement Available
Author: Thomas Findley, MD, PhD, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
an8: Stata-based Instructional Software for the Social Science Classroom
Author: Michael Macy, Midas Instructional Software, Jamaica Plain, MA
crc1: CRC-Provided Support Materials
crc2: File Comparison Command
crc3: Variable Comparison Command
crc4: Data Set Rectangularization Command
crc5: Data Set Transposition Command
crc6: Likelihood-Ratio Test Command
gr1: Enhancing Visual Display Using Stem and Leaf
Author: Paul Geiger, USC
gr1: Enhancing Visual Display Using Stem and Leaf
Author: Paul Geiger, USC
in1: Installation of the STB Disk
os1: Gphpen and Colour Postscript
Author: R. Allan Reese, University of Hull, UK
qs1: Request for Stata Course Online
sbe1: Poisson Regression with Rates
Author: William Rogers, CRC
sed1: Stata and the four r's of EDA
Authors: R. E. DeLeon and J. T. Anagnoson
sg1: Nonlinear Regression Command
Author: Francesco Danuso, Istituto di Produzione Vegetale, Udine, Italy
sg2: Exact and Cumulative Poisson Probabilities
Author: Joseph Hilbe, Editor, STB
sg3: Skewness and Kurtosis Tests of Normality
Author: William Gould, StataCorp
sqv1: Additional Logistic Regression Extensions
Author: Joseph Hilbe, Editor, STB
ssa1: Actuarial or Life-Table Analysis of Time-to-Even Data
Author: Henry Krakauer & John Stewart, Office of Research, Health Care Financing Administration
ssi1: Monte Carlo Simulation
Author: Lawrence C. Hamilton, Department of Sociology, University of New Hampshire

View full issue (PDF).





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