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Stata 18 offers several new features in survival analysis. The new commands lasso cox and elasticnet cox can be used to select covariates using lasso or elastic net and fit Cox models to survival-time data. In addition to standard lasso and elastic-net postestimation tools, you can also use stcurve to plot the penalized survivor, failure, hazard, or cumulative hazard function.

Stata 17 introduced stintcox for fitting interval-censored Cox models using novel genuinely semiparametric estimation methods. Stata 18 adds support for time-varying covariates, commonly encountered in practice, to stintcox. In addition to estimation, postestimation features such as prediction and plots of survivor and other functions incorporate time-varying covariates too!

Last but not least, you can now check model fit of your survival models more easily by using the new estat gofplot command. The supported features include right-censored and interval-censored data, parametric and semiparametric models, by-group and stratified estimation, and more.

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