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Program coming soon

The 2023 Canadian Stata Conference will be held on 4 August 2023 at Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto, Ontario.

Join researchers from across disciplines to exchange ideas, experiences, and information on new applications of Stata.


Presentation topics may include the following

  • New community-contributed commands for model estimation, graphing, data management, results reporting, or other purposes
  • New approaches for using Stata together with other software
  • Innovative use or evaluations of existing Stata commands
  • New analytic methods of particular relevance to Stata users
  • Case studies of using Stata for applications in various disciplines
  • Methods and resources for teaching statistics with Stata or for teaching the use of Stata

For examples of past presentations, view the proceedings page.

Presenting from StataCorp

Xiao Yang

Xiao Yang is a Principal Statistician and Software Developer at StataCorp LLC. Xiao has been developing Stata since 2012. Her interests include survival analysis, longitudinal analysis, Bayesian analysis, and multilevel mixed-effects models. She has a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, a master's degree in mathematics from Southeast Missouri State University, and a master's degree in statistics from the University of Iowa.

Gabriela Ortiz

Gabriela Ortiz is a Senior Applied Econometrician at StataCorp. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of California, Davis, and a master's degree in economics from California State University, Long Beach. Gabriela is a primary author of Stata's reporting manual and has contributed to the development of each of the reporting features. She also developed and regularly teaches Stata's introductory webinars.

Why should you attend


Open to users of all disciplines and experience levels, Stata Conferences bring together a unique mix of experts and professionals. Develop a well-established network within the Stata Community.

Stay up to date

Hear from Stata experts in the top of their fields, as well as from Stata's own researchers and developers. Gain valuable insights, discover new commands, learn best practices, and improve your knowledge of Stata.

Discover new features

Presentation topics have included new community-contributed commands, methods and resources for teaching with Stata, new approaches for using Stata together with other software, and much more.

Scientific committee

The scientific committee organizes the conference program. They encourage submissions from both new and experienced Stata users from a variety of backgrounds to develop an exciting, diverse, and informative program.

Anson Ho

Anson Ho is an assistant professor in the Real Estate Management Department at Toronto Metropolitan University. His primary research interests include consumer finance, housing, and macroeconomics. Prior to joining TMU in 2020, Anson was a senior economist in the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada (2016–2020) and an assistant professor at Kansas State University (2011–2016). Anson received his PhD. in economics from the University of Iowa in 2011.

Nisha Malhotra

Dr. Malhotra heads the data analysis team at the Birthplace Lab at the faculty of medicine, University of British Columbia, where her recent research projects focus on inequities in maternity care in the United States and Canada. Dr. Malhotra is an interdisciplinary researcher focusing on global health, gender, and development. Dr. Malhotra earned her doctorate at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Murtaza Haider

Murtaza Haider is a professor of Data Science and Real Estate Management at Toronto Metropolitan University. He also serves as the research director of the Urban Analytics Institute. Professor Haider holds an adjunct professorship of engineering at McGill University. In addition, he is a director of Regionomics Inc., a boutique consulting firm specializing in the economics of cities and regions, and holds a master's in transport engineering and a PhD in civil engineering from the University of Toronto.

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